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The Real F.B.I. – Episode 3

In this episode of The Real F.B.I. Dave Hart joins Aric to discuss Strategies for Christian investors and advisors, Evalueator PLUS, a sneak peek at some free resources!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Christian investors and advisors can team up to make a difference for the Kingdom.
  • How advisors who are considering implementing BRI into their practice can take a practical approach to doing so with a special offer from Dave Hart.
  • A brief history of Evalueator and how they helped build the foundation of BRI
  • Free tools any investor can use to take a deeper look into their investments.
  • And more!

Christian investors and advisors are in the perfect position to make a tremendous impact on this nation. Dave and the entire team at Evalueator are constantly bringing the most updated information on over 30,000 companies the public can invest in. Listen in as Dave shares his heart about how the relationship between advisors and investors can be strengthened by our common bond, Christ the King. That and more, in this episode of The Real F.B.I.

The song at the end of today’s podcast is “With U” by Fvmeless. Check out their music here: Fvmeless

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