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The Real F.B.I. – Episode 7

The Real F.B.I. was LIVE at the NACFC Conference in Charlotte NC! This is the fourth podcast in a short series that were all recorded LIVE at the NACFC. Each episode in this series will introduce you to a couple of financial professionals who are focused on bringing glory to God in everything they do, especially in their business.

In this episode, you will be introduced to:

  • Cassandra Laymon – President of Beacon Wealth Consultants and President of Light Point Portfolios in Roanoke, VA.
  • Learn how Cassandra found Jesus in the stock market of all places! 
  • You can contact Cassandra here: cassandra@beaconwealth.com

You will also be introduced to:

  • Marita LaChapell – A CPA/PFS, CLT® and Certified Kingdom Advisor in St. Charles MO.
  • Hear what session Marita taught during the conference and why she chose that subject.
  • You can contact Marita here: Marita@integrityinvestors.com

If you are an investor and you like what you hear, reach out to one of my guests and ask them anything! They will happily share their story with you and answer any question you have. If you are an advisor, know that there are Christian business owners out there who are just like you! They know the daily struggles of Christian business owners in today’s climate. Reach out to them, us or the great folks at the NACFC.  

Visit the NACFC website here: NACFC

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