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The Real F.B.I. – Episode 9

The Real F.B.I. Summary

Episode 9 – The Real F.B.I.

In this episode of The Real F.B.I. Robert Netzly joins Aric to discuss Robert’s journey to BRI, Inspire Investing, the importance of walking in faith and some free resources for advisors and investors!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Robert was able to walk away from a promising career to follow God’s call.
  • How advisors and investors can learn the truth about their investing practices.
  • A brief history of Inspire and the team behind the dream.
  • How Advisors across the country are changing the minds of HUGE corporations to help them honor God with their business practices.
  • And more!

Christian investors and advisors are in the perfect position to make a tremendous impact on this nation. Robert and other members of his team are helping secure the future of BRI and increase the impact Christian investors have nationwide. That and more, in this episode of The Real F.B.I.

The song at the end of today’s podcast is “Lavish” by the band Ecclesia. Check out their music here: Ecclesia

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